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10 Traits that lead to Success


1. Independence
2. Self-confidence
3. Persistence
4. Creative thinking
5. Being thick skinned
6. Knowing who you are and what you want from life
7. Setting clear goals – and going after them
8. Being focused
9. Optimism
10. Passion and enthusiasm.

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Luxurious prints and ornate cut-outs; one of the Premiere Vision Paris A/W 15/16 highlights from Denholme Velvets this season.

Anonyme: you mean FF XV. please learn your roman numerals, FF XIV is 14, the mmo.

OMG TRUE !! and i usually know my roman numerals, it’s just that doing a (ranting) text post just after a tiring school day was a bad idea xD

Anyway i’ve fixed it ! Thx !

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Anonyme: you sound like a bitch

okay~ ;-)

have a nice day you too !


Backstage at the SS15 Rodarte Runway Show (photo from


I just can’t get over how the FFXV characters’ design is so flat….
And WTF with the 4 main male characters ? “metrosexual brigade” much ??

Seriously, they are slowly destroying the whole licence (besides the crappy sequels)
Idk, it’s like after the let down that have been the last FF games, the developpers decided to not even try anymore, or maybe, they just try to cast the game in the mold of huge popular games such as SKYRIM (the last trailer from the TGS really gave me this impression) and target a (fairly ludicrous) fangirl audience with the male characters’ design…  in short : the easy way out.

Such a disappointment… *smh*


Can’t play the games that I want to play so I can only watch people do it on youtube.

Marques Almedia S/S 2015 at LFW