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"It’s kind of bittersweet how most of us like to romanticize healthy and almost flawless relationships with a significant partner and I think that’s cute. Really, it’s kind of cute. I’m not saying this in a snarky way either. Sometimes, I’d like to imagine myself being able to hold hands and do all that sappy shit with someone someday but cynics like me usually have a hard time processing these kind of images in my head. It’s funny how I used to get the idea that being in relationships with someone will only hold me down but I think the tables have turned for me. I feel like I’d be holding the other person down instead because there are a lot of times where I feel like i can be a liability to people. I might feel like pushing someone back and keeping them from doing what they want to do from time to time. Why do I feel this way? Maybe it’s because I don’t think I have much to offer to anyone. I don’t think I can give anyone that kind of happiness or joy or excitement. Just getting this kind of idea makes me feel more cautious about myself. It’s not that my self-esteem is at a critical level. It’s not that I lack confidence. As an individual, I do think I am a person with high self-esteem and a lot of confidence but when it all breaks down to anything that has to do with love, commitment and/or some sort of romantic bond between another person, everything’s black and white for me. This whole idea of romance to me is just starting to deteriorate. Even if I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make anyone happy in that kind of sense, it’s quite alright for me. I always was another face in the crowd and I’m just kind of used to it I guess? Never had a first kiss, never had a girlfriend or boyfriend of any sort.
My definition of love and romance is distorted at this point but on the bright side, at least I can still crack a really big smile when I see couples who are really happy and committed. It gives me a warm feeling inside. It makes me proud of them and the least I can do is wish the best for couples who can share each other’s happiness. Sometimes, I’d like to be able to share that kind of feeling with someone someday but frankly, I’m just like, “Naaaaaaaaah.”"




Coyamito Agate Pseudomorph©Uwe Reier

Rancho Coyamito Norte, Mexico (2013).

Pseudomorphs in agate are quite rare but do occur in nodular agates from various locations, usually as a calcite or aragonite replacement. 




Succulent air plant wall planter

via KimFisherDesigns



In love with this sweater. 💘 #personal #vintage #sweaters



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